Please Read Before Beginning

You have entered into an unusual quest. The first (and longest) part of this journey consists of nine codes which must be broken. Each code will give you a riddle that must be solved. Each riddle earns you a puzzle piece. As the nine pieces are put together, you must learn and remember what the puzzle has told you. After that, you will enter stage two of our journey.

Stage two will take you on a couple new twists and turns as you solve your final challenges. Your logic and reasoning skills may be tried and tested along the way. Anything not in violation of the rules is legal as you proceed with this test.

To enter your answer, click on the page, and then type your answer. For most of these, there is no entry blank. Remember to type your answers very carefully and use numerals or lower-case letters when possible. Incorrect answers may get you redirected to dead-ends. Check your spelling. If you make an error in your typing, simply start over.

It is strongly recommended that you write down your clues and solutions, as you may want to have these close at hand or for later reference. Do not bookmark these pages on a public computer.

Final verification for winners must be submitted via e-mail using the method you will receive later on. This e-mail is used solely for purposes of verifying the winners and to ensure that people do not have more than one entry in the Hall of Champions. Names and e-mail and will not be used for any other purpose.

Feel free to delve into the inner realms of your mind and the deep corners of the internet in pursuit of the prize. Good luck!

Note: This quest was designed for education and amusement only. No guarantee of award is given. First and last names of underage persons will not be posted online. No inappropriate language allowed in the Hall of Champions. These pages are personal property and do not belong to any school, institution, or other organization. Curious about more? You may have to dig for it. I recommend a spade.