The following items are forbidden and will eliminate the person from participating in the contest:
  1. sharing work
  2. getting answers from another person
  3. skipping pages
  4. tampering with codes
  5. multiple entries in the Hall of Champions
  6. inappropriate code names in the Hall
  7. sending or forwarding of inappropriate e-mail
  8. sabotage of any form
  9. inappropriate conduct in regards to this site
  10. any other behavior patently offensive to the authors of the site
This page is for amusement purposes only, and is designed to be used as an educational device. The author is not responsible for any content obtained on external links, nor for any advertisements found on such pages. This is solely a non-profit venture.

This internet exercise was designed for advanced middle school and high school students and the intent is to promote them to use higher-order thinking skills as they develop the ability to search the internet for needed facts and tools. Those paticipating in this webquest should be alerted that there is no guarantee that the puzzles work completely, or that there aren't glitches in the system.

All awards are conditional upon approval from the creators of this site and a person may be removed from the Hall of Champions for any known rule violation. Any other regulations may be decided by these authors.

There are two awards which are only available to the vigilant. The first is the Codebreaker Award and the second is the Elite Hacker award. These are considered secret awards and if a person achieves either or both, a notation will be made by the person's name. Only the truly devious will achieve either.

Otherwise, the point of the game is to have fun and learn along the way. I wish you well in this quest.