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Population: 254 Million*
  • Architecture: "Bridge of Ten Thousand Ages" in China
    Start of period of architecture known as Romanesque until about 1100
  • Entertainment: "Diary of a May-Fly" written by anonymous Japanese lady
    "Beowulf" written in Old English
    Japanese woman writes "The Pillow Book" about Japanese court
    Musical notation improved
  • Mathematics: Indian mathematician Sridhara recognizes the importance of the zero
    Arabs spread decimal system to Spain
  • Religion: Spiritual center of Judaism switches from Mesopotamia to Spain
    Widespread fear of the end of the world and judgment day
  • Technology: Chinese perfect gunpowder
    Spinning wheels used in China
    First moveable type created in China
  • Travel: Several attempts to fly or float aborted
  • Deaths: Roswitha of Gandersheim the German nun and playwright, King Olaf I of Norway,


  • Ghana: Kingdom of Ghana at zenith
  • North America: Kufic script used in North Africa
  • South: Bantu speaking people set up kingdoms
  • West: Kingdoms of Takrur and Gao flourish in due to gold trade


  • General: Molded pottery in Central and North America
  • Arctic: Thule Eskimos begin to migrate into eastern Arctic
  • North America: Viking Biarni Heriulfsson blown off course and sights coast of North America
    Increase of influence of Toltecs and the city of Tula
    Norse Greenlanders found short lived settlement in Newfoundland this decade
    Fading of Maya power in N Mexico - Tikal diminished and cities abandoned
    Leif Ericson reaches Nova Scotia and N America
    Climax of Yucatan peninsula
  • South America: Farmers in Peru grow sweet potatoes and corn
    Tishuanaco civilization extends all over Peru
    Collapse of Tiahuanaco and Huari empires
    Chimú empire develops around Chan Chan in Northern Peru


  • Burma: End of Mon Kingdom (early)
  • Ceylon: King Rajaraja of the Chola dynasty conquers Ceylon
  • China: Chinese perfect gunpowder and begin to use it in warfare
    Foot binding begins in Song Dynasty of China to keep feet small
  • Ghazni: Culture flourishes in Ghazni
  • India: Buddhism fades as Hinduism returns and Islam spreads
  • Java: Shiwa temple in Java
  • Tibet: Tibetan Tangut peoples found the Xixia state - Tibetan Empire ends this century


  • General: Population centers move toward towns ending the feudal system
    Serfdom in Europe because slavery banned by Christians
    European population reaches 42 million
    Vikings use runes
    Start of Wars of Scandanavia to 1227
  • Bohemia: Bohemia and Moracia united
  • England: Ethelred II ravages Cumberland and Anglesey
    Saxons settle at Bristol
    The Danegeld created – English tax
  • France: Abbey of St. Hilaire in Poitiers
  • Frisia: Frisians build dykes against floods
  • German States: Arabs and Jews become court physicians
  • Greenland: Christianity reaches Greenland
  • Holy Roman Empire: Emperor Otto III makes Rome his permanent residence
    Empire reaches peak
  • Hungary: Rule of Stephen, first of Arpad (Magyar) dynasty of Hungary – accepts Christianity
    King Stephen of Hungary receives from the pope title of Apostolic Majesty
    Monastery of Gran founded
    Pope Sylvester gives King Stephen of Hungary crown for Christmas Day coronation
  • Iceland: Christianity reaches Iceland
    Approximate date a very large Icelandic eruption – Katla volcano
  • Italian States: Italian towns become city-states
    Venice rules over Dalmatian coast and Adriatic Sea
    Artistic revival in Italy with fresco and mosaic paintings
    S. Pietro made in Perugia
    Start of independent city-state of Genoa to 1797
  • Norway: King Olaf I of Norway killed by Sweyn in Battle of Svolder and Norway becomes Danish
  • Poland: Piasts rule in Poland
    Archbishop of Gniezno established
  • Spanish States: Sancho III the Great of Navarre
    Start of Kingdom of Castile to 1479

Middle East

  • Byzantine Empire: Empire reaches peak


  • General: Polynesians begin to build stone temples
  • Easter Island: Easter Island statues quarried
  • New Zealand: Maori people settle in New Zealand