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Population: 278 Million*
  • Astronomy: Important astronomic instruments (astrolabes) arrive in Europe
  • Entertainment: French biography "Vie de St. Alexis" written
    First German Christmas carol – "Sys Willekomen heirre kersts"
    Collection of Welsh tales "The Mabinogion" written
    Polyphonic singing replaces Gregorian chants
    Harp first arrives in Europe
    Time values given to musical note
    Ssu-ma-Kuang writes "History of China from 500 BC to AD 1000"
    Polyphonic singing replaces Gregorian chant
  • Geography: Geographer Adam of Bremen believes Baltic Sea to be an ocean open to the east
    Earliest references to Nuremburg, Oslo, Delhi and Timbuktu
  • Deaths: Musician Guido d'Arezzo - inventor of modern nusical notation


  • Egypt: Egypt collapses under military dictatorship
  • Ghana: End of golden age of Ghana - declines as Moslem stronghold
  • Morocco: Almoravids – Berber Muslims from W Sahara start to take over Morocco, Algeria, and part of Spain
  • Nigeria: End of Igbo-Ukwu culture in E Nigeria - Culture of Yoruba people of Ife flourishes in Nigeria until 1400


  • North America: Growth of towns and ceremonial centers in Mississippi basin
    Population of town at Cahokia explodes establishing large "chiefdom" in IL MO KY and OH area


  • China: Ssu-ma-Kuang writes "History of China from 500 BC to AD 1000"
    Chinese use ceramics to create moveable type
  • India: Jain temples in Mount Abu India
  • Japan: Japanese sculptor Jocho sets up school


  • England: Northmen penetrate into England
    Building of Exeter cathedral and Winchester Cathedral
    English monks excel in embroidery
  • German States: German imperial crown made
  • Greece: Small tsunami on Santorini Greece after subterranean volcanic eruption
  • Italian States: Palazzo Reale in Palermo
  • Russia: Oldest Russian monasteries created in Kiev
    St. Sophia Cathedroal in Novgorod
  • Scotland: Macbeth has stepson named Lulach the Fatuous
  • Spanish States: Almoravids from West Sahara begin takeover