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Population: 370 Million*
  • Entertainment: Chretien de Troyes writes "Lancelot" about love
  • Religion: Pope Alexander III establishes rules for canonization of saints
    Pope Alexander III forces England to receive archbishop Becket.
    Maimonides's Mishneh Torah
  • Deaths: Thomas à Becket murdered, Albert the Bear (Fitzurse) the Knight who slep Becket,


  • Egypt: End of Fatimid style in Syrian-Egyptian architecture as Saladin of Damascus takes Egypt


  • Mexico: Toltec's capital at Tula overthrown by Chichimec nomads
  • North America: Supposedly Owain Gwynedd the Welshman landed in US region


  • General: Inquest of Sheriffs results in strengthening the Exchequer
  • England: Becket publishes papal letters voiding Constitutions of Clarendon
    Becket starts excommunications
    Although Henry II and Thomas à Becket formally reconciled, Becket returns to Canterbury and is murdered by four Norman knights
    Oxford University founded (or 1167)
  • France: University of Paris founded
  • Ireland: Richard de Clare (Strongbow) Earl of Pembroke invades Ireland and is made king next year

Middle East

  • Syria: Quake kills 15,000