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Population: 350 Million*
  • Entertainment: Li Hsing Tao writes the famous play The Chalk Circle
    Lute playing popular in Europe
  • Environment: Start of "Little Ice Age" period
  • Philosophy: Rise of Humanist philosophy
  • Deaths: Philip VI of France, Popular German Till Eulenspiegel


  • Grain from England causes great dearth in Barbary (North Africa)


  • Indonesia: Last Hindu Javanese kingdom of Majapahit begins to spread in SE Asia – Hayam Wuruk reigns to 1389
  • Japan: Shogun of Japan prohibits drinking of tea


  • General: Unofficial beginning of the Renaissance
    End of major wave of black plague
    Turks start attacking Eastern Europe
  • Czechoslovakia: Cola di Tienzi imprisoned in Prague
  • England: Completion of Bergamo Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral
    Edward III of England begins to rebuild Windsor Castle
    Grain from England causes great dearth in Barbary (North Africa)
  • France: Philip VI of France dies and is succeeded by John II (John the Good)
    Famine follows black death with small cask of herring selling for 30 pieces of gold
    Center of French music moves from Paris to Cambrai
  • German States: False Valdemar exposed as swindler in Brandenburg
    Mastersinger movement in Germany
    Treaty of Bautzen – Charles IV cedes Brandenburg and Tirol to the Wittelsbachs
  • Italian States: Marine premium insurance begins in Genoa
  • Spain: Cathedral at Palma in Majorca
    Pedro the Cruel King of Castile to 1369

Middle East

  • Turks start attacking Eastern Europe


  • Maoris flourish in N Island New Zealand