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Population: 360 Million*
  • Entertainment: Geoffrey Chaucer writes Book of the Duchess
    Japanese playwrights Kanami Kiyotsugu and Zeami Motokiyo established
  • Linguistics: First use of the word "million"
  • Religion: Death of Pope Urban V – Pope Gregory XI elected (Pierre Roger de Beaufort Limoges) (French)
    John Wycliffe and Lollards make early Bible translation – by hand
  • Science: Theologian Nicole Oresme publishes book detailing natural phenomena discouraging attribution to God or demons
  • Technology: Steel crossbow used as weapon of war
  • Deaths: Casmir III of Poland, Pope Urban V


  • Acamapitchtli chosen as king of Aztecs
  • Sicán state (Andes) conquered by Chimú


  • India: Kingdom of Vijayanagara dominates southern India
  • Japan: Japanese playwrights Kanami Kiyotsugu and Zeami Motokiyo established


  • General: Edward the Black Prince sacks Limoges
  • England: Carthusian monks build the Charterhouse in London
    Perpendicular phase of English Gothic architecture starts to 1540
  • Holy Roman Empire: Peace of Stralsund establishes power of Hanse towns with right to veto Danish kings
  • Ireland: Plague
  • Poland: Death of Casmir III last of the House of Piasts dies – Louis of Hungary elected king

Middle East

  • Turkish/Turkestan leader Timur the Lame terrorizes Middle East (Tamerlane)