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Population: 374 Million*
  • General: Start "Age of Exploration"
  • Entertainment: Jean Forissart writes "Chronicles" which tells of world of chivalry
    Art includes oil-based paint development Music includes first mention of the dulcimer
  • Religion: John Wyclyffe publishes English translation of the Bible
  • Science: Alchemy becomes more and more a field for swindlers
  • Technology: Printing press invented
  • Deaths: Geoffrey Chaucer, Richard II (murdered/self-inflicted starvation)


  • Mali decline under onslaughts of neighboring tribes
  • Tanzania: Engaruka community farms land in Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe: Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe in S Africa thrives on gold trade - Gold traded to Asia - start decline


  • Pueblo people abandon northern sites
  • Expansion of Aztec empire in Mexico - Start of empire of Tenochtitlan
  • Expansion of Inca
  • Development of Middle and Upper Mississippi phases of Mound-builders in N America


  • India: End of Delhi Sultanate in N India
  • Indonesia: Indonesian traders visit north cost of Australia regularly collecting sea slugs and sandalwood – traded as far as China
  • Mongolia: Mongol expansion through Mesopotamia and Northern India (Timur - Tamerlane)


  • General: Early Renaissance begins
    Start of diminishment of Hanseatic League (of guilds) - 150 ports at this time
    Turks conquer Baltic peninsula
    Renaissance spreads north of Alps
    Feudalism begins to disappear
    Demand for wool sees arable land turn into sheep pastures
    Illuminated manuscripts depicting common life made in Europe
  • Bohemia: Wenceslas IV deposed and succeeded by Rupert III of the Palatinate
    Alt-Neu Synagogue in Prague
  • England: Henry IV suppresses rebellion of the barons
    Richard II murdered at Pontefract Castle, or Richard I dies in prison from self-inflicted starvation
    Earliest known literature written in Cornish tongue
  • German States: Isabeau of Bavaria – consort of King Charles VI of France uses facial concoction of boar brains, wolf blood, and crocodile glands
  • Holland: Windmilles used
  • Holy Roman Empire: End of Wenceslas IV HRE as he is deposed for drunkenness
    Habsburgs elected to throne
  • Italian States: Ascent of the Medici in Florence
    Flourishing of ecclesiastical drama in Italy
    Start of Duchy of Massa and Carrara within modern Italy
  • Wales: Owen Glendower proclaims self Prince of Wales and begins rebellion

Middle East

  • General: Turks conquer Baltic peninsula


  • Hawaii: idespread cultivation of wet taro in Hawaii
  • Tonga: Tongans build major center at Mu'a