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Population: 384 Million*
  • Religion: Death of Pope Alexander V – Pope John XXIII elected, but termed antipope
    Hus and followers excommunicated by Archbishop of Prague
    Baldassare Cossa (Cosa) pirate turned "holy man" charged with piracy, murder, rape, simony and incest - Medici backed with $$ - Elected Pope John XXIII in Pisa – continuation of great schism
  • Science: Ptolmey's works published into Latin renews round earth hypothesis
  • Deaths: French chronicler Jean Froissart, Rupert III of Bohemia (the Palatinate), Pope Alexander V, Martin I of Aragon


  • Bohemia: Death of Rupert III of the Palatinate – Bohemian king
  • France: Martin I of Aragon dies from indigestion and uncontrollable laughing
  • Holy Roman Empire: Sigismund named HRE to 1437
  • Ireland: Famine
  • Italian States: End of first period of Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily
  • Poland: Battle of Tannenberg as Ladislaus II of Poland defeats Teutonic Knights