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Population: 443 Million*
  • Exploration: Columbus begins asking for money
  • Mathematics: First use of plus and minus signs
  • Technology: Leonardo da Vinci invents parachute - helicopter and wheel-lock musket conceived
  • Deaths: Artist Jean Fouquet


  • Aztec's Sun Stone calendar created
    Civil wars rage in N Mayan states


  • England: Giovanni Cabotto moves to England and convinces Henry VII to let them go to New World
  • France: Extinction of the house of Anjou (male-line)
  • German States: German magician Georg Faust born – prototype of the Faust legend
  • Italian States: Ludovico Sforza becomes regent of Milan
  • Rhodes: Ottoman Turks besiege Rhodes on Mediterranean – held by Knights of St. John
    Last use of trebuchet in warfare at siege of Rhodes
  • Russia: Ivan III names self Czar of Russia – ends Muscovy's allegiance to the Tartars (Golden Horde) - Mongolia ousted
  • Spain: Spanish Inquisition introduced to uncover heresy among converted Jews

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Turks seige Rhodes