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Population: 462 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Ambrogio Calepino creates multi-lingual dictionary, Conradus Celtis Amores humanistic poem, Gil Vicente presents play to royal family of Portugal, First book of masses by Josquin des Pres,
    Art includes Giovanni Bellini "Baptism of Christ", Botticelli "the Last Communion of St. Jerome", Lucas Cranach "Crucifiction", Gerard David "St. John the Baptist" triptych
  • Exploration: Columbus begins last (fourth or second) voyage
    Vespucci concludes that America is not India and not connected
  • Technology: Peter Henlein of Nuremberg constructs first watch – the "Nuremberg Egg"
  • Deaths: Prince Arthur of England


  • General: African slaves taken to work in the Americas (Portuguese and/or Spanish)


  • General: African slaves taken to work in the Americas (Portuguese and/or Spanish)
  • Canada: Second voyage of Anglo-Portuguese Syndicate to Newfoundland
  • Hispañiola: Hurricane sinks 20 ships filled with gold in Hispaniola
  • Mexico: End of rule of Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl - nephew Montezuma II begins rule
  • Nicaragua: Columbus reaches Nicaragua
  • Panama: Columbus sails down to the isthmus of Panama


  • India: Vasco de Gama founds Portuguese colony at Cochin - reaches Calicut


  • General: Joao de Nova discovers St. Helena
    War between Spain and France
  • England: Margaret of Richmond and Derby founds professorships of divinity at Oxford and Cambridge
  • German States: Peasants revolt in bishopric of Speyer Germany
    Universuty of Wittenberg established by Frederick the Wise
  • Holy Roman Empire: Council of Regency loses effectiveness – Archchancellor Berthold von Henneberg dismissed by command of Emperor Maximilian I
  • Poland: Church of St. Mary's at Danzig finished
  • Scotland: Margaret daughter of Henry VII marries James IV of Scotland

Middle East

  • Persia: Ismail captures Persia, becomes Shah and founds Safavid dynasty
    Persian shah executes Sunnis who refuse conversion to Shiite Islam