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Population: 464 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Jakob Winpfeling (history of Germany)
    Art includes Dürer travels to Venice, Lorenzo Lotto "The Maiden's Dream", Pope Julius II calls Michelangelo to Rome, Rephael "Madonna del Granduca"
  • Mathematics: Scipione del Ferro the Italian mathematician solves cubic equations
  • Religion: Martin Luther enters Augustinian monastery at Erfurt
  • Deaths: Musicians Jakob and Johannes Obrecht, Ivan III the Great of Russia


  • East: Portuguese capture Sofala in Malabar on Africa's E coast - found factories and colonize Mozambique


  • India: Almeida becomes first Portugal viceroy of India


  • General: Treaty of Blois – France keeps Milan but cedes Naples to Spain – Spain controls southern Italy
  • England: Henry, prince of Wales denounces marriage contract with Catharine of Aragon (see 1503)
    John Colet made dean of St. Paul's in London
    Christ's College at Cambridge founded
  • Holy Roman Empire: Emperor Maximilian I begins reformation of HRE as Hapsburg empire
  • Russia: End of reign of Ivan III the Great - son Basil III rules
  • Spain: Treaty of Salamanca – Ferdinand of Aragon undertakes to rule Castile jointly with daughter Juana and her husband Philip (HRE)