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Population: 464 Million*
  • Archaeology: "Laocoon group" unearthed in Rome
  • Entertainment: Writers include Dunbar Dance of the Sevin Deidly Synnis, Reuchlin (Hebrew grammar and dictionary book)
    Art includes Da Vinci "La Gioconda" (Mona Lisa), Cranach "St. Catharine" altarpiece, Raphael "Madonna di Casa", Timman Tiemenschneider (altar at St. Jacob's in Rothenburg)
  • Religion: Activity of Johann Tetzel – Dominican monk who sold indulgences in Germany
  • Deaths: Christopher Columbus, Italian painter Andrea Mantegna, Composer Alexander Agricola, Death of Philip the Holy Roman Emperor


  • General: Jakob Fugger the Augsburg merchant imports spices from E Indies to Europe by sea
  • Korea: Korean rebels overthrow Yonsangun


  • General: End of engagement between Charles of Spain (now age 6) and Claude the daughter of Louis XII
  • England: Treaty of Windsor – Archduke Philip's siter Margaret of Austria betrothed to Henry VII's son Henry Prince of Wales – Philip undertakes extradition of Yorkist pretender Earl of Suffolk
    Edmund Earl of Suffolk imprisoned in Tower of London
    Sweating sickness induces mortality in three hours
    Two burned as heretics in England for reading Wycliffe Bible
  • France: Ferdinand II of Aragon (age 54) marries Germaine de Foix – niece of Louis XII of France
  • German States: University of Frankfurt founded
  • Holy Roman Empire: Death of Philip (HRE/ Austria/ Spain) Charles (Son) becomes king of Spain and Netherlands - wife Juana is insane so Council of Regency organized
  • Italian States: Destruction of original St. Peters built 330 - Construction started on St. Peter's Basilica in Rome by Donato Bramante
    Niccolo Machiavelli creates Florentine militia
  • Poland: Sigismund I ascends throne of Poland
  • Portugal: 3000 converted Jews slaughtered in Lisbon riot
  • Scotland: Huge ship Great Michael built in Scotland