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Population: 465 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Alvise Cadamosto (exploration of Gambia), Amerigo Vespucci
    Art includes Dürer "Adam and Eve", Giorgione, Titian, Lorenzo Lotto "Madonna with Child and Four Saints"
  • Geography: Vespucci published in German book naming new continents
    German Cartographer Martin Waldseemüller publishes map of New World using the name America
  • Religion: Martin Luther ordained
    Pope Julius II proclaims indulgence for aiding rebuilding St. Peter's
  • Technology: Orlando Galla of Venice improves manufacture of mirrors
  • Deaths: Navigator and geographer Martin Behaim, Artist Gentile Bellini, Cesare Borgia (son of Poep Alexander VI),


  • Congo: Nzinga Mbemba (Christian and Portuguese ally) becomes king of Kongo
  • Mozambique: Portuguese found Mozambique and begin to trade with Africans


  • General: Martin Waldseemuller proposes new world be named America
    Smallpox in Western Hemisphere following visits of Columbus
  • Hispañola: Smallpox


  • General: Marriage treaty for Archduke Charles (age 7) to marry Mary dau of Henry VII of England
  • England: Polydore Bergil the Italian humanist appointed historiographer to Henry VII of England
  • Holland: Margaret of Austria Regent of Netherlands during minority of Archduke Charles
  • Holy Roman Empire: Diet of Constance recognizes unity of HRE and founds Imperial Chamber
  • Italian States: Palazzo Strozzi in Florence finished
  • Scotland: Andrew Myllar sets up Scotland's first printing press