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Population: 466 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers includeLodovico Ariosto Cassaria, Gercia Rodriguez de Montalvo, Guillaume Bude (interpretations of Roman law)
    Art includes Lorenzo Lotto "Sacra conversazione", Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel ceiling), Raphael enters service of Pope Julius II
  • Deaths: Lodovico Sforza (Il Moro) of Milan, Writer Conradus Celtis, Jewish philosopher Isaac Abrabanel


  • Portugese colony of Mozambique begins


  • General: Yellow Fever on Hispaniola decimates natives to 1514, Gale destroyes vessels in Santo Domingo
  • Canada: Sebastian Cabot reaches Hudson Bay
  • Puerto Rico: Juan Ponce de Leon explores Puerto Rico for Spain


  • General: League of Cambrai formed by Margaret of Austria – HRE Maximilian I Louis of France and Ferdinand of Spain ally against Venice
  • France: Girolamo Aleandro begins teaching Greek at U of Paris
  • German States: Luther becomes student at U of Wittenberg
  • Holy Roman Empire: Maximilian I assumes title of emperor without being crowned – Pope Julius II confirms German King now automatically becomes HRE
    Jakob Fugger the Augsburg merchant made hereditary knight of the HRE
  • Italian States: Lodovico Sforza (Il Moro) of Milan dies
    Baldassare Peruzzi begins to build in Rome
    Louis XII of France re-invades Italy
  • Scotland: First book printed in Scotland