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Population: 467 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Sebastian Brant Ship of Fools published by Anexander Barclay, Fortunate and his Sons printed in Augsburg, Erasmus dedicates In Praise of Folly to Thomas More, John Fisher Seven Penitential Psalms
    Art includes Andrea del Sarto "Miracles of St. Philip", Durer "Little Passion", Raphael
  • Medicine: First attempts to restrict right to practice medicine to licensed and qualified doctors
  • Deaths: King Henry VII, Architect Simone de Cronaca, Sculptor Adam Krafft


  • North: Spanish take Oran and begin a campaign to take key cities in N Africa


  • General: Beginnings of slave trade – Bartolome de Las Casas the Roman Bishop of Chiapas proposes each Spanish settler should bring Africans to new world
  • Hispañola: Hurricane destroys West Indies and Hispaniola dwellings


  • India: Portugese under Francisco de Almeida defeat Egyptian-Indian fleet at Diu


  • England: Death of Henry VII, Henry VIII begins to rule, marries Catherine of Aragon - brother's widow
    Erasmus lectures at Cambridge
    Brasenose College, Oxford and St. John's at Cambridge founded
    Plague outbreak
  • German States: Persecution of Jews in Germany – converted Jew Johann Pfefferkorn receives authority to seize and destroy Jewish books – humanist Johann Reuchlin opposes
  • Holy Roman Empire: Jakob Fugger lends HRE Macimilian I 170,000 ducats to finance war against Venice
  • Italian States: Pope Julius II joins league of Cambrai and excommunicates Venetian Republic – France declares war on Venice – Venetians defeated at Agnadello

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Earthquake destroys Constantinople killing 10,000 and est at 7.2
    Tsunami in Turkey esp. Constantinople