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Population: 468 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Erasmus Institutio Christiani principis, Everyman English morality play created from Dutch version, Sir Thomas More translates Lyfe of Johan Picus Erle of Mirandula,
    Art includes Sebastiano del Piombo "Salome", Raphael "Triumph of Galatea", Titian "The Gypsy Madonna", Da Vinci completes Anatomy
  • Religion: Luther in Rome as delegate for his order
  • Science: Polish astronomer Copernicus theorizes that Earth revolves around the sun
  • Technology: Leonardo da Vinci designes horizontal water wheel (water turbine forerunner)
  • Deaths: Artist Sandro Botticelli, Preacher Johann Geiler von Kaiserberg, Painter Giorgione


  • Caribbean: Caribbean is mined out, plantations are started
  • North America: American east coast discovered by Charleston


  • India: Portuguese acquire Goa
  • Japan: Two giant waves in Japan a month apart


  • General: Sunflowers are introduced to Europe from America
    Period of relatively rapid inflation in Europe as prices rise 400 percent in 90 years
  • England: Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley the English lawyers and ministers of Henry VII beheaded by Henry VIII for unpopular administration of crown revenues
    John Colet founds St. Paul's school in London
  • German States: Hamburg becomes Free City of the HRE
  • Italian States: Pope Julius II absolves Venice from excommunication – they form Holy League to drive Louis XII of France from Italy
    Martin Luther journeys to Rome