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Population: 469 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Thomas Murner (satirical poem)
    Art includes Hans Baldung-Grien "Mystic Pieta", Andrea del Sarto "The Annunciation", Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel), Raphael (portrait of Julius II),
    Music includes Erhart Deglin (German music), First use of the word “Masque” to denote a poetic drama
  • Religion: Fifth Lateran Council pronounces Immortality of the Soul as a dogma of the Church
    Second Book of Masses by des Pres
    Martin Luther named Doctor of Divinity
  • Science: Copernicus publishes "Commentariolus" in which he proposes the earth and other planets revolve around the sun
  • Deaths: Explorer Amerigo Vespucci, Bajazed II Sultan of Turks


  • Northern Africa: Askia Mohammed of Songhai defeats Hausa states in Southern Sahara



  • Portuguese discover Celebes - reach Moluccas in Asia and obtain cloves and nutmeg


  • General: French defeat Spanish and papal forces at Ravenna with Pierre du Terrail le Chavalier de Bayard as hero of the battle
    War between Russia and Poland to 1522
  • England: Royal Navy builds double-deck ships with 70 guns
  • German States: German Diet assembles in Cologne and undertakes further imperial reorganization
    Ban on quacks in Augsburg
    Public-resistance to trading monopolies in Germany due to indebtedness of Emperor Maximilian I to Jakob Fugger
  • Holy Roman Empire: Albrecht Dürer becomes court painter to HRE Maximillian I
  • Italian States: French victory in Italy at Ravenna
    Cardinal Giovanni de Medici (Later Pope Leo X) with brother and Spanish troops sack Prato and Machiavelli's troops
  • Switzerland: Swiss join League and drive French out of Milan

Middle East

  • Ottoman Turks: End of Bajazet II Sultan of Turks – Selim I (the Grim) named Sultan of Turkey
  • Persia: Shi'ism state religion of Persia