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Population: 473 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Teofilo Folengo (Latin satirical poetry), Bartolome de Torres Naharro (Spanish comedies), Hans Sachs (farces), Ulrich con Hutten crowned King of Poets by Emperor Maximilian I, Reuchlin (book on Caballa),
    Art includes Sebastiano del Piombo "Raising of Lazarus", Andrea del Sarto "Madonna of the Harpies", Quentin Massys "Erasmus" portrait, Raphael "Lo Spasimo",
  • Religion: Pope names 31 new cardinals sympathetic to Medicis – runs up huge papal debt – widespread selling of indulgences
    95 theses published in Germany be Martin Luther especially noting the selling of indulgences - Reformation begins Oct 31
    End of Lateran council - allows usury
    Pope Leo X publishes Papal Bull for five-year peace in Christendom
    Selling of indulgences under Pope Leo X
  • Deaths: Composer Heinrich Isaak, Painter Fra Bartolomeo,


  • Egypt: Ottomans defeat Mamluks and conquer Egypt - Turks take Cairo and Arabia after Mecca's surrender to Selim I under Turk suzerainty


  • General: Regular slave trade instituted from w Africa to the Americas by Spain


  • General: Portuguese found colony in Colombo Ceylon and reach Canton by sea
  • China: Portuguese reach Macao


  • General: Coffee reaches Europe
  • England: "Evil May Day" riots in London as 60 rioters are hanged on Cardinal Woolsey's orders
    Sweating Sickness wipes out half of capital towns in England – Oxford depopulated
  • France: College des Trois Langues in Louvain founded
  • German States: Reformation starts in Germany – first in Europe
  • Holy Roman Empire: Ludwig Senfl made court composer to Maximilian I
    Archduke Charles grants monopoly of Negro slave trade to Flemish merchants
  • Italian States: War between De Medicis and Duke of Urbino Foancesco Maria I della Rovere
  • Spain: Archduke Charles arrives in Spain from Netherlands – on death of Cardinal Jiminez he makes former tutor chief of Spain – Guillaume de Chievres
    Seville cathedral finished
    Bartolome de Las Casas protests enslavement of Indians

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Turks conquer Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia: The sharif of Mecca surrenders to Selim the Ottoman sultan
  • Syria: Ottomans conquer