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Population: 478 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Hans Sachs writes allegory in verse in honor of Luther, John Skelton, Jean Froissart (Chronicles Part One translated)
    Art includes Titian "Bacchus and Ariadne"
    Music includes Hans Judenkunig of Vienna publishes first manual of lute playing
  • Religion: Death of Pope Adrian VI – Giulio di Giuliano de Medici becomes Pope Clement VII
    Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon publish fictional animal descriptions mocking papacy and monks
    Mennonite views challenge Catholic hold on spiritual beliefs
    Huldreich Zwingli publishes 67 Articles attacking transubstantiation and papal authority
  • Science: Anthony Fitzherbert creates "Book of Husbandry" the first English manual of agriculture
  • Deaths: Artist Luca Signorelli, Painter Pietro Perugino, Humanist Ulrich von Hutten, Christian II of Denmark and Norway, Pope Adrian VI, Sculptor Adolf Daucher, Franz von Sickingen of Germany killed


  • Caribbean: Town of Jamaica founded by Spanish
  • Mexico: Catholic Friars arrive in Mexico and confront Cortes


  • China: Portuguese expelled from their settlement in China


  • Denmark: Death of Christian II
    Danish nobles depose Christian II electing uncle Duke of Schleswig-Holstein King Frederick I of Denmark and Norway
    Danish kings begin protecting Lutherans
  • England: Sir Thomas More elected Speaker of the House of Commons
  • France: France invades Italy
  • German States: Veit Stoss creates altar of Maria at Bamberg Cathedral
    Franz von Sickingen killed by troops of Archbishop of Trier
  • Holland: Two-thirds of Netherland's Lutherans burned to death
  • Italian States: First marine insurance policies issued at Florence
    France invades
    Ippolito de Medici (Cardinal) heads Medici clan
  • Norway: Death of Christian II (of Denmark)
  • Sweden: Stockholm retaken by Swedes
    Gustavus Vasa of Sweden revolts against Danish rulers – elected King Gustavus I of Sweden
  • Switzerland: Reformation reaches Zurich