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Population: 480 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Pietro Bombo (Italian writing - not in Latin), Bourchier's translation of Part Two of Froissart's Chronicles, Juan Luis Vives writes paper demanding state help for the poor
    Art includes Lorenzo Lotto "Portrait of a Young Man", Palma Vecchio "Three Sisters", Titian "Vanitas",
  • Geography: Diego Riberio, mapmaker of Spain, makes first charts of Pacific
  • Mathematics: Durer compiles first German manual on geometry
  • Religion: Matteo Bassi founds Capuchin Order
    Luther marries former nun Katherine von Bora
    William Tyndale's translation of New Testament printed by Peter Schoeffer at Worms
  • Deaths: Peasant revoolutionary Thomas Munzer, Merchant Jakob Fugger, Incan Huayna Capad (Capac)


  • General: Death of Huayna Capad (Huayna Capac) - Incan empire at height - begins to collapse under Spanish invasion – civil war in Inca kingdom between Huascar the 12th Sapa Inca ruling in south and brother Atahualpa ruling in north


  • General: Portuguese arrive at Caroline Islands near New Guinea and Palau Islands
  • India: Mogul Emperor Babar invades Punjab


  • General: Germans and Spanish defeat French and Swiss at Pavia – King Francis I is taken prisoner – Charles V becomes master of Italy – first use of muskets by Spanish infantry
    \ Peace signed between England and France
  • England: Cardinal Wolsey presents Hampton Court to King Henry VIII and endows Cardinal College at Oxford
    Hops introduced to England from Artois
  • German States: Grand master Albert of the Teutonic Knights transforms Prussia into secular duchy of Brandenburg with himself as Duke
    Germany's Peasant's War in south - Peasants issue manifesto called "Twelve Articles of Memmingen" - but when peasants turned violent, Luther denounced it and it was crushed – Thomas Munzer executed
    Neuremberg becomes Lutheran
    Start of Duchy of Prussia in Germany
  • Hungary: Seven-year truce signed between Sultan of Turkey and King of Hungary
  • Scotland: Lutheran influences felt in Scotland
  • Spain: Muslims in Spain forced to convert
  • Switzerland: Swiss opponents of Zwingli begin to baptize adults, but this meant that they were opposed to the state religion - They get labeled "Anabaptists" and are thrown out of Zurich

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Seven-year truce signed between Sultan of Turkey and King of Hungary