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Population: 481 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Hector Boece (history of Scots), Martin Luther (German Mass),
    Art includes Durer "The Four Apostles", Hans Holbein the Younger visits England fir first time
  • Exploration: Elcano (Magellan's navigator) reaches Europe
  • Religion: Luther writes German Mass
    Tyndale publishes English New Testament (in Germany)
  • Science: The Grete Herball describes poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms
  • Sports: Card game piquet first played
  • Deaths: Louis II of Hungary, Lute player and composer Hans Judenkunig,


  • Ethiopia: End of Portuguese mission


  • Caribbean: Hispaniola hurricane
  • Mexico: Dominican monks arrive in Mexico
  • North America: First Africans in US area – brought by Spanish
  • Peru: Smallpox
    Pizarro spots an Incan trading ship laden with gold - stories of gold cities spread


  • India: Babur (Babar), Mughol (Mongol) descendant of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane invades India raiding Delhi Sultanate under Shah Ibrahim (from Afghanistan)
    Babar and The Lodis at Panipat and overrun North India
  • Papua New Guinea: Portuguese arrive at Papua New Guinea


  • General: Anglo-Scot peace signed
    League of Cognac – allicance between François I, Pope Clement VII, Francesco Sforza of Milan Venice and Florence against Charles V
  • Czechoslovakia: Anabaptists settle down as "Moravian Brothers" in Moravia
    Ferdinand of Austria brother of Charles V succeeds to Bohemian throne
  • Holy Roman Empire: Charles V marries Isabella of Portugal
  • Hungary: Battle of Mohacs – Turks defeat Hungarians – killing Louis II of Hungary
    Sultan Sueliman II takes Buda
    Pressburg (Bratislava) declared capital of Hungary – both John Zapolya and Ferdinand of Austria are crowned King
    Persecution of Jews
  • Italian States: Treaty of Madrid – Francois I gives up claims to Milan Genoa and Naples but fails to keep the treaty
  • Portugal: Francisco de Sade Miranda founds Italianate school of literature

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Ottoman Turks under Suleiman defeat Hungary at Mohacs killing Louis II of Bohemia and Hungary – dispute over Hungarian succession between Ferdinand and Ottoman Empire