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Population: 486 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include François Rabelais "Gargantua" part 2 of "Pantagruel", Confession of Basel drafetd by Oswald Myconius,
    Music includes John Haywoon "A Play of Love" interlude
  • Religion: Death of Pope Clement VII (Medici) from eating amantia mushroom – Cardinal Alessandro Farnese Canino elected Pope Paul III - (made grandsons cardinals immediately after and was a ladies' pope "the skirt chaser")
    Jesuit order founded by Ignatius Loyola in Spain, Luther translated Bible into German
  • Deaths: Artist Corregio, Pope Clement VII Medici, Execution of Elizabeth Barton "The Nun of Kent" an ecstatic opposed to matrimonial policies of King Henry VIII, Jan Matthijs from Netherlands killed as an Anabaptist leader


  • Brazil: First African slaves arrive
  • Canada: Jacques Cartier makes first expedition to Canada - coast of Labrador sighted, enters St. Lawrence river


  • England: Henry VIII breaks with Rome - becomes head of Church of England
    Decree forbidding English farmers from owning more than 2000 sheep to stop lords from evicting tennants
    Henry VIII of England's "Act of Supremacy" where he declares self ruler of Church of England and forms "Reformation Parliament"
  • France: Vicious attacks on Catholic ideas in France leaves pro-Catholic aftermath
    Calvin leaves France
  • German States: "Communist state" of Anabaptists under leadership of John of Leiden at Münster in Westphalia - prophesy end of world
    Regensburg Cathedral finished
  • Italian States: After finishing tomb of Medici Michelangelo moves from Florence to Rome
    Jacopo Sansovino the Italian architect creates St. Francesco della Vigna in Venice
  • Russia: Erection of St. Basil's in Moscow

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Ottoman Turks under Suleiman capture Baghdad and Mesopotamia and Tunis