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Population: 488 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Paracelsus (healing), Erasmus (translation of New Testament into Dutch), Calvin Christianae religionis Institutio, Martin Luther Table Talks, Reginald Pole,
    Art includes Michelangelo "Last Judgement"
    Music includes Heinrich Finck (collection of songs, posthumous), First songbook with lute accompaniment published in Spain,
  • Religion: Menno Simmons stops being Catholic priest in favor of Anabaptist teachings
    William Tyndale prays that the Lord would open the eyes of England's king before being strangled and burned – Bible legalized a few months later
    Arguments against Catholicism in "Advice on the Reform of the Church" include 1. Prostitutes openly walking Rome, 2. Christ's Church fallen and almost collapsed, 3. Unworthy, ignorant, immoral men are made priests for money 4. Bishops cannot control or discipline their priests, 5. Wrong ideas taught in universities, 6. Everything sold for money, 7. Rome gives a bad example to the world
  • Deaths: Humanist philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, Portuguese poet and actor Gil Vicente, Architect and painter Baldassare Peruzzi, Poet Johannes Secundus (Jan Nicolai Everaerts), Catherine of Aragon, Queen Anne Boleyn executed, Francis the Dauphin, William Tyndale (executed),


  • Argentina: Pedro de Mendoza founds Buenos Aires and sends expeditions to search for route to Peru
  • Canada: Cartier explores St. Lawrence River
  • Mexico: Shipwrecked Spanish, walking for 9 years, arrive in Mexico
    Expedition of Mendoza to Plata basin


  • India: India rubber mentioned for first time


  • General: Reformation in Denmark, Norway
  • England: 376 Monasteries in England begin to be dissolved to 1540 – sold lands pay for wars with France
    "Pilgrimage of Grace" uprising in north begins under Robert Aske of Doncaster
    Thomas Cromwell made Lord Privy Seal starts dissolving monasteries
    Holbein made court painter to Henry VIII
    Act of Union between England and Wales
    Deaths of Catharine of Aragon and Queen Anne Boleyn sent to Tower of London and executed
    Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour
    Act of Parliament declares authority of the Pope void in England
  • France: Suleiman forms an alliance with Francis I of France
    France invades Savoy and Piedmont
  • Holland: William Tyndale executed in Netherlands
  • Italian States: Sansovino creates St. Mark's Library in Venice
    Mt. Etna erupts
  • Switzerland: Calvin leads Protestants in Geneva - leads reformation at Geneva, sets up Calvanist government

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Suleiman forms an alliance with Francis I of France