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Population: 494 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Martin Luther On Jews and their Lives
    Art includes Titian "Ecce Homo"
  • Medicine: First accurate anatomical drawings done by Vesalius - publishes On the Structure of the Human Body
    Fracastoro expounds germ theory of disease and communicability
  • Religion: Index liborum prohibitorum issued by Pope Paul III (list of banned books)
    Death of Anabaptist Melchior Hoffman - followers revolted - people equate Anabaptists with terrorists - Jan Beukels leads Anabaptists
  • Science: Copernicus' work "De Revolutionibus Orbitum Coelestium" released on death
  • Deaths: Nicholaus Copernicus, Composer Ludwig Senfl, Poet Agnolo Firenzulo, Artist Hans Holbein the Younger, Theologian Johann Eck, Religious author Sebastian Franck, Anabaptist Melchior Hoffman


  • East: Drought at horn of AFR begins 19 years
  • Ethiopia: Portuguese defeat Ethiopian Muslims


  • North America: Oil found in Texas by Spaniard Luis de Moscoso


  • India: End of famine
  • Japan: Portuguese land in Japan and bring firearms after blown off course


  • England: Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr (twice widowed) – sixth queen who survives him
    Alliance with Charles V
  • France: Benvenuto Cellini creates saltcellar for Francis I of France
  • German States: Munster under siege from Catholics as Anabaptists revolt
  • Holy Roman Empire: Spanish navigator and mechanician Blasco da Garay submits to Charles V the design for a steamboat
  • Spain: Philip of Spain marries Maria of Portugal
    First Protestants burned at the stake by Spanish Inquisition