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Population: 503 Million*
  • Entertainment: Writers include Hans Sachs Tristan und Isolde, Domingo de Soto De justice et jure, Sir Thomas More A Dialogue of Comfort Against Trigulation (posthumous), Thomas Wilson The Arte of Rhetorique,
    Art includes Palladio creates the Villa Pisana at Montagnanam, Titian paints "Danae",
    Music: The violin in its present form begins to develop
  • Exploration: Richard Chancellor's expedition to Russia via Archangel
  • Religion: Michael Servetus executed for criticism of doctrine of the trinity and opposition to infant baptism
    Pope doesn't allow expansion overseas of anyone but Spain
  • Deaths: Edward VI of England, Writer François Rabelais, Vasili III "Sovreign of all Russia", Theologian Michael Servetus (executed as heretic), Artist Lucas Cranach the Elder,


  • Mexico: Cyclone hits Veracruz sinking Spanish ships
    University of Mexico established
  • Peru: Pedro de Cieza de Leon describes the potato in his "Chronicle of Peru"
    University of Lima established


  • England: Duke of Northumberland persuades Edward to nominate Lady Jane Grey as heir (preserving Protestantism)
    Death of Edward VI of England – Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen of England by Duke of Northumberland – deposed 9 days later and Mary I rules
    Protestants persecuted under England's Queen Mary
    Flemish woman introduces starched linen to England
    England creates the Muscovy company to trade with Russia
  • Italian States: Veronese creates ceiling of Doge’s Palace in Venice
  • Russia: Death of Vasili III the "Sovereign of All Russia"
    Hugh Willoughby discovers Novaya Zemlya and dies while wintering on Kola Peninsula

Middle East

  • Ottoman Empire: Sultan Suleiman I makes peace with Persia