Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Religion: Services in Roman church begin to follow Jewish tradition of alternation of singing between presentor and community
    Pope Leo I persuades Attila the Hun to spare Rome
  • Deaths: Easter Roman Emperor Theodosius II


  • Eastern Europe: Huns control much of E Europe
  • England: Saxons from Germany begin to invade Britain
  • French States: Honoria the sister of Western Emperor Valentinian III asks for help from Attila the Hun and he claims her as wife and invades Gaul – repulsed by Rome and Visigoths
    Kingdom of Thuringia established
  • Italian States: Famine described by Dufresnoy causes parents to eat their children in Italy
  • Scotland: Kingdom of Valentia in Scotland between Hadrian's Wall and Antonine Wall ends

Middle East

  • Eastern Roman Empire: Theodosius II the Eastern Roman emperor dies, Marcian new Eastern emperor
    First year of Marcian and Calentinian