Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • General: End of the "Classical Age"
  • Entertainment: Aristainetos writes about life in Alexandria
    Johannes Stobaios from Macedonia issues anthology of Greek literature
    Boethius writes "De institutione musica"
    St. Romanos (called Melodos) writes hymns for Christmas, Easter, and the Passion
  • Fashion: Anglo-Saxons wear shirts, tunics and coats
  • Mathematics: Indian mathematicians introduce the zero
  • Philosophy: Neo-platonic philosophical writings in Syria
  • Religion: Codex Bezae written – New Testament in Greek and Latin
    First plans for the Vatican in Rome
    Incense introduced into Christian church
    Catholic Church declares Celtic women to be evil stimulants
    Benedictine rule
  • Technology: Paper common in China
  • Deaths: Burgundian king Godegisel


  • Leprosy outbreak in Egypt
    Ghanian empire becomes power in W Africa
    Cattle and Iron working widespread in S Africa


  • North America: Thule people move into Alaska
    Hopewell culture in North America builds elaborate burial mounds
    Hopewell Mound Builder culture gone in Americas
  • South America: Height of Mohica in Peru
    Rise of Huari in Andes of Peru


  • China: Tamo brings tea from India to China
  • India: The Huns destroy the Gupta civilization of India
    Caste system of India begins to form
  • Indonesia: Hindu influence reaches Indonesia
  • Japan: End of Yamato state in Japan


  • General: Germanic tribe Marcomanni in Bohemia invade Bavaria – as they leave the Czechs settle in Bohemia
    Feudal sustem established in Europe
    West Roman Empire in social ruin - start of "dark ages" of Germanic rule
  • Austria: Lombards settle in Austria
  • Eastern Europe: End of Caucasian Iberia in the Georgia region
  • England: British victory over Saxons at Mt. Badon in Dorset
    Esa named king of Bernicia (E Eng)
    Start of Teutonic Conquest of Britain to 633
  • Franco-German States: Clovis becomes King of Franks, establishes the Merovingian line of France
    Death of Burgundian king Godegisel – brother Gundobad continues to rule
  • Italian States: First plans for the Vatican in Rome
    Thrasamund marries Theodoric's sister and as dowry gains W. Sicily
    Lombards (Langobards) occupy area N of Danube
    Venice founded by refugees
  • Wales: Celtic monasticism spreads

Middle East

  • General: Wheels used in Mesoamerica – but only for children's toys
  • Syria: Basilica of Turmanin and Kalb-Luzch in Syria