Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Disease: Smallpox spreads from India through China and to Asia Minor in southern Europe
  • Entertainment: Lyric poetry develops in T'ang dynasty – promotes common Chinese language
    Bishop Isidore of Seville collects Greek and Roman writings
    Coptic art in Egypt starts
  • Fashion: Gold jewelry develops in Frankish-Merovingian era
  • Religion: Pope Gregory strives for peaceful conversion of Jews, creates picture book of Bible stories, writes manual for duties of clergy
    Pope Gregory founds cantor school in Rome - Development of the Gregorian Chant
  • Technology: Book printing begins in China
    First use of windmills in Persia
    Mayan books preserved in ceramic vessels
  • Deaths: Christian poet and bishop of Poitiers Fortunatus Venantius, Arab poet Antara ibn Shaddad


  • Coptic art in Egypt starts
  • Nubians become Christian


  • Height of Maya civilization - Mayan civilization freed from Teotihuacán influence
    Mayan books preserved in ceramic vessels
    Start of Mayan Late Classic Period
  • 50,000 people inhabit Tiahuanaco (Tiahyanaco) in Bolivia starting civilization
  • South America: Rise of Huari in Peru


  • China: Book printing begins
    Emergence of Nan Chao state
    Spread of Chan (Zen) and Pure Land Buddhism in China
  • India: Yoga Buddha figures created in Bihar (n India)
    Beginning of the Bakhti revival of Hinduism
  • Korea: Chan (Zen) Buddhism established in Silla-Korea
  • Japan: Chinese and Korean artists settle in Japan
  • Tibet: Tibet begins to develop as a state


  • General: Barbarian invasions halt in Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe: Czechs and Slovaks settle in Bohemia and Moravia, Yugoslavs in Serbia
    Khazars form empire between Don and Volga rivers
    Decline of the kingdom of Egrisi (Georgia) also known as Lazica
  • England: Saxons rule England
  • Franco-German States: Arles cathedral started
    Starvation to 604
  • Ireland: Beginning of important period of art and literature in Ireland
  • Italian States: Money system in Italy replaced by barter system
    Lombards – Scandanavians settle in the German/Italian region - see 568
  • Spanish States: Bishop Isidore of Seville collects Greek and Roman writings

Middle East

  • Eastern Roman Empire: Byzantine Empire (Turkey) under attack
  • Persia: First use of windmills in Persia