Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Entertainment: Indian dictionary and romantic novel written
    Neumes – musical note groupings – invented
    Wooden sculpture created in nunnery and oil paintings in shrine in Nara (India)
  • Medicine: First surgical operations in India
  • Religion: Revelations of Mohammed written and form the Koran by Caliph Othman - 114 sutras
    Buddhist monk Bhartrihari writes 100 proverbs
    Buddhist monk Chi-kai starts Amida Buddhism in contrast to mystic Buddhism
    Wandering bishop Emmeram founds Ratisbon monastery
  • Technology: Weaving develops in Byzantine empire
    Chinese artists use lamp-black ink for rubbings – start of print making
    Caliphs introduce first news service


  • Egypt: Muslims conquer Egypt


  • North America: Hopewell people established along northern Mississippi
    Teotihuacán in Mexico thrives or falls


  • China: Tomb of Chinese emperor T'ai Tsung created
    City of Xian reaches 1 million
  • India: Indian dictionary and romantic novel written
  • Sumatra: Hindu empire in Sumatra


  • Eastern Europe: Croats and Serbs occupy Bosnia
    Khazars conquer Great Bulgarian Empire in South Russia
  • England: Building of St. Martin's church in St. Canterbury
  • Northern Europe: Greater power of Frisian Kingdom (Germanic/North Sea – Dutch)