Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Entertainment: Dandin writes "The Ten Princes" a humorous Indian novel
    Omar ibn Abi Rabi'a the Arabic poet writes
    Pagoda of Tsu-en in China written
    Korean art shows intermediate between Japanese and Chinese
  • Language: Arabs ban use of Greek language
  • Religion: Psalms translated into Anglo-Saxon
    Lindisfarne gospels (some illustrated manuscripts) written
    Shinto religion assimilated to Buddhism in Japan
    Easter eggs come into use among Christians
    Growth of Sufi mysticism in Islam
    Persian Zoroastrians settle in India - origin of Parsis
  • Technology: Water wheels drive mills all over Europe
    Fingerprinting for identification used in China
    Earliest text produced by block printing in China
  • Deaths: Bharavabhuti the great Indian dramatist


  • North Africa: Arabs conquer Algiers (Tunis) - Christianity in N Africa almost exterminated
    End of Muslim takeover
  • West Africa: Empire of Ghana in West Africa flourishes
    End of Kingdom of Axum in Africa


  • Central America: Peak of Mayan culture
  • North America: Mississippi Mound Builder culture starts
    Pueblo people builds houses in Arizona
    Toltec defeat at Teotihuacan where city is sacked and abandoned
  • South America: Tapestry weaving fully established in Peru
    Huari empire of Peru conquers Moche state


  • China: Population explosion in China – first large Urban developments
    First woodcut printing in China
  • India: Cave temple built at Ellora in W India
    Persian Zoroastrians settle in India - origin of Parsis
  • Japan: End of Taika reforms in Japan
    Shinto religion assimilated to Buddhism in Japan
  • Tibet: Jokhang temple built at Lhasa, Tibet
    Tibet forms ths century


  • General: Order begins to be established in chaotic Europe - Feudalism established
    Irish and Anglo-Saxon missionaries on continent
  • Eastern European Empire: Greek becomes official language of Eastern Roman empire
  • England: Stone churches replaces wooden buildings in England
    Famine causes widespread cannibalism
  • Franco-German States: Thuringia becomes part of Frankish empire
    Merovigians lose power in France - uncertainty until Charlemagne
    Family of Agilofings (hereditary dukes of Bavaria) make Rastibon their capital
  • Ireland: Start of Ireland's Golden Age of art and literature for 200 years
    Famine causes widespread cannibalism

Middle East

  • Transjordan: Arab desert cattle introduced at Transjordan


  • Easter Island: Easter Island natives begin to build stone platforms
    First Polynesians settle in Cook Islands