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Population: 226 Million*
  • Entertainment: Farces make their first appearance
    Sixth period of Chinese literature begins (until 1900)
    Beginnings of famous Arabian tales "A Thousand and One Nights"
    Jewish book of creation "Sepher Yetzirah"
    Period of the Oseberg art
    Islamic ornamentation (arabesques) develops from late Greek and Byzantine elements
    Jaina rock temple of Ellora, India
    Arabian musical instruments introduced into Europe
    Chinese landscapes developed by Ching Hao
    Octaves and musical elements develop
    Buddhist temples of Nara become focal points of Japanese art
  • Food: Earliest record of coffee
  • Medicine: Arab physician Rhases mentions plague, consumption, smallpox, and rabies
    Founding of the medical school of Salerno
  • Religion: Death of Pope John IX – Pope Benedict IV appointed
    Pilgrimages established as part of Hindu faith
  • Technology: Vikings develop art of shipbuilding, discover Greenland
    Paper manufacturing at Cairo
    Lost-wax method of gold casting introduced to Mesoamerica from S America
    Chinese invent gunpowder
  • Deaths: Donald I of Scotland, Pope John IX, Abu Tabari the Arab scholar and compiler of Koran commentaries, Monk Tutilo of St. Gallen (artist)


  • Central: Origins of Sudanese kingdoms in Africa
    Great Zimbabwe kingdom begins
  • East: End of Axumite Kingdom of Ethiopia
  • West: Kasar House (Housaland) - kingdom of Daura in the Niger region of W Africa prospers


  • North America: Mayan power in N Mexico begins to fade
    Pueblo settlements in N America - second Pueblo period
    Farming spreads to Great Plains
    Toltecs begin to build power at Tula, Mexico
    Hohokam culture in AZ and NM
    Hohokam culture begins irrigating in N America
    Naymlap founds Sicán state in S America
    Mayas relinquish settlements in lowlands of Mexico and emigrate to Yucatan peninsula - Mayan Chichén Itzá becomes center place
    End of classical Mayan and start of post-classical


  • General: Start of Guge Empire in East to 1650
  • Cambodia: Anghor Wat (Khmer kingdom) built
  • China: Chinese landscapes developed by Ching Hao
  • India: Jaina rock temple of Ellora, India
    Begin Khmer civilization in India


  • General: Magyars (Muslims) from central Asia invade Europe
    Castles become seats of European nobility
    Feudalism established
  • Bohemia: Founding of Bohemian fortress of Wrotizlav (Breslau)
    Czechs assert authority over all Bohemian tribes
  • Bulgaria: Bulgars accept Eastern Orthodox religion
  • England: Orkney and Shetland taken over by Vikings
    England divided into shires
  • Ireland: End of golden age of Irish art and literature
  • Scotland: Death of Donald I
    Constantine III becomes king of Scotland
  • Spanish States: Beginning of Christian reconquest of Spain under Alfonso III the Great of Castile

Middle East

  • General: Thousand and One Nights written in Arabia
  • Byzantine Empire: Constantinople remains the first city of the world


  • First settlers on Cook Islands – ancestors of Maori reach S Island New Zealand
    Polynesians settle Aotearoa (N Zealand)