109 - 100 B.C.


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Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Births: Cicero the Roman orator (106 BC), Julius Caesar (100 BC)
  • Commerce: Goods carried between China and Europe via silk road (100 BC)
  • Education: Mathematician Heron founds first college of technology at Alexandria (105 BC)
  • History: Sima Qian writes history of China (100 BC)
  • Technology: Chinese develop magnetic compass (101 BC)
    Romans use water power to mill grain (101 BC)
    Paper use begins in China (105/100 BC)
  • Deaths: John Hyrcanus (Maccabe) (105 BC), Ptolmey (100 BC)


  • General: End of war between Rome and Jugurtha of Numidia - defeated by Marius and Sulla (105 BC)
    Camels used in the Sahara - start of camel nomads (100 BC)
  • Egypt: Rome conquers Egypt (100 BC)


  • Mexico: Teotihuacán city dominates Mexico (100 BC)
    Mayan writing and long calendar (100 BC)
  • North America: Pioneer period of Hohokam culture in Arizona (100 BC)
    Emergence of Anasazi culture in south-west U.S. (100 BC)
    Hopewell Mound Culture begins (100 BC)
  • Peru: Foundation of the Moche state (100 BC)


  • General: First Chinese ships reach coast of India (100 BC)
  • Burma: Formation of the Pyu city-states (100 BC)
  • China: Emperor Wu Ti conquers Choson (108 BC)
    Han dynasty conquers Van Lang (101 BC)
  • India: Great Stupa erected in Sanchi (100 BC)


  • General: German people (the Cimbri) defeat Roman army under Quintus Caepio at Arausio (106/5 BC)
    Second Servile War begins until 99 BC (103 BC)
    Cimbri and Teutones become allies and invade Italy (103 BC)
    Gaius Marius defeats Cimbri (German) and Teutones people at Aquae Sextiae (102-1 BC)
    Germanic invaders attack Rome (100 BC)
  • Britain: Belgic migrants introduce coinage and the potter's wheel (100 BC)
  • Eastern Europe: End of Colchis Kingdom on Black Sea (100 BC)
  • Gaul: Celtic Cimbri ravages nation (108 BC)
    State formation occurs in Celtic Gaul (100 BC)
  • Roman Empire: Gaius Marius reforms Army and is sent to Africa (106/7 BC)
    Marius becomes Roman consul for sixth time (100 BC)

Middle East

  • Arabia: End of Kingdom of Ma'in (100 BC)
  • Judaea: Aristobulus I made king (104 BC)
    Alexander Jannaeus made king (103 BC)