1049 - 1000 B.C.


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Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Entertainment: Chinese begin ink painting (1000 BC)
  • Languages: Cuneiform dies out as written language (1000 BC)
  • Mathematics: Equations and geometry begin (1000 BC)
  • Religion: Rig Veda religious text compiled in India (1000 BC)
    Formative period of Hinduism (1000 BC)
  • Technology: Chinese cut and refrigerate rice (1000 BC)
    Chinese use rockets and fireworks (may be early) (1000 BC)
    First use of natural gas (1000 BC)
    Kite invented (1000 BC)
  • Deaths: Saul of Israel (1000 BC)


  • General: Knosian people on edge of Kalahari hunt (1000 BC)
  • Egypt: Belief in the ka (spirit) and last judgement increases (1000 BC)
  • North: Sahara begins to dry up as rainfall decreases (1000 BC)


  • Central: lmecs develop commerce center at La Venta and expand to Cuicuilco west of San Lorenzo (1000 BC)
  • North: Maya settle in Yucatán and maize introduced - start of Mayan period (1000 BC)


  • China: End of Shang Dynasty and start of Zhou dynasty (1045 BC)
    Zhou of China make pottery (1000 BC)
    Deforestation sets stage for erosion and floods (1000 BC)
    Chinese technology develops (1000 BC)
    End of Shang Dynasty (1000 BC)
    Chinese use counting boards (1000 BC)
  • India: Aryans expand over Ganges river plain (1000 BC)
  • Japan: Last Jomon period (Banki) begins in Japanese pottery (1000 BC)


  • Britain: Hill forts appear and fortifications begin (1000 BC)
  • Greece: Codron the last king of Athens killed (1045 BC)
    Greeks colonize Aegean islands (1000 BC)
    Dorians invade Greece and take over Greek culture
    City-state of Sparta founded - see 546 BC (1000 BC)
  • Iceland: Massive eruption of Hekla volcano (1000 BC)
  • Italian States: Early Italian iron age (1000 BC)
  • South: Iron working seen (1000 BC)
  • West: Urnfield cultures spread to western Europe (1000 BC)

Middle East

  • Arabia: A'ad people found in Arabia to 300 AD (1000 BC)
  • Assyria: End of the middle kingdom and start of Neo-Assyrian period (1000 BC)
  • Israel: End of the reign of the Judges (1020 BC)
    Rebellion against Philistines (1020 BC)
    Saul begins to rule (probably 1020 BC) (1002 BC)
    Saul killed at the battle of Gilboa by Philistines and David begins to rule (1000 BC)
    David defeats Philistines (1000 BC)
    Kingdom of Israel founded as David captures Jerusalem (later) (1000 BC)
    Hebrew oral record kept (1000 BC)
    Era of Song of Solomon (later) (1000 BC)
  • Phoenicia: Phoenicians mix copper and tin to form bronze (1000 BC)
    Phoenician alphabet emerges (1000 BC)
    Trading colonies spread around eastern Meditteranean (1000 BC)