1149 - 1100 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Mathematics: Decimals used in China (1100 BC)


  • Egypt: Third Intermediate Period (1120 BC)
    Kingdom of Egypt reduced to Nile Valley (1100 BC)
    Anarchy ensues as New Kingdom collapses (1100 BC)
  • Kush: Kush seeks for independence from Egypt as New Kingdom collapses (1100 BC)
  • North: Phoenicians found colony at Utica in Tunisia (later Carthage) (1140 BC)


  • Central: Olmec culture flourishes in San Lorenzo (1100 BC)


  • China: End of Shang Dynasty and start of Chou Dynasty(1122 BC)
    Chou (Zhou) capital moved to Hao (1122 BC)
    First dictionary produced (1100 BC)
    Start of Zhou (Chou) Dynasty as China unites under Emperor Wu Wang creating Feudal System (1122 or 1100 BC)
  • India: Iron working on Ganges plain (1100 BC)


  • Greece: Dorians conquer and start Greece's "Dark Age" as they sack Mycenians (1120 - 1100 BC)
  • Italian States: Etna's third eruption marks expulsion of Hercules from Sicily (1149 BC)
    Brutus arrives (says Geoffrey of Monmouth) (1100 BC)
  • West: Hill forts develop (1100 BC)

Middle East

  • Assyria: Decline of first Assyrian civilization and start of second (1100 BC)
    Tiglath-pileser I marches through Meditteranean and Mespoptamian civilizations decline (1100 BC)
  • Babylon: Nebuchadnezzar I begins to rule (1146 or 1125 BC)
    Nebuchadnezzar holds off attacks by Assyrians (1125 BC)
    End of Nebuchadnessar I (1123 BC)
    Tiglath-pileser of Assyria conquers Babylon (1116 BC)
  • Israel: Kingdom established this decade (1100 BC)
  • Phoenicia: Phoenicians use 22-letter alphabet (1100 BC)