1299 - 1250 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Religion: Suggested date of the Exodus (1290 BC)
    Approximate date of writing of Deuteronomy (1260 BC)
  • Deaths: Seti of Egypt (1292 BC)


  • Egypt: Death of Seti, and Ramses II begins to reign (1292 BC)
    Egyptians under Ramses II defeated by Hittites under Mutawallis at Battle of Kadesh (Qadesh), but Egypt claims victory - lie believed until recently - 10,000 die in 17 years of war (1298 or 1288 BC)
    Egyptians advance into the Levant and are halted by the Hittites (1285 BC)
    Ramses II and Hattusilis (Hitties) draw a truce (1283 or 1272 BC)
    Possible date of Israelites (1270 BC)


  • Greece: Trojan War begins (1250 BC)
    Building of Lion Gate at Mycenae (1250 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Possible date of Battle of Kadesh - se 1288 (1275 BC)
  • Assyria: Shalmaneser I rules Assyria and conquers (1275 BC)
  • Palestine: Suggested date of Joshua's conquest of Canaan and the Exodus (1250 BC)
  • Turkey: Start of Middle Anatolia and Lycia to 546 BC (1250 BC)