1399 - 1350 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Deaths: Amenhotep III (1385 or 1375 BC), Pharoah Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton) (1358 BC)
    King Tutankhamon (1362 BC), Akhnaton (Akhenaten)(1362 or 1350 BC)


  • Egypt: Amenhotep IV introduces monotheism and sun worship - start of bad government (1379 or 1374 BC)
    King Tut born (1370 BC)
    Ankhnaton (Ikhnatan) begins to rule Egypt with wife Nefertiti - tries to introduce monotheism of Amun-Ra (Aton) (1367 or 1375 BC)
    Death of Pharoah Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton) and son-in-law rules (1358 BC)
    Akhenaten creates mothotheistic cult (1353 BC)
    King Tutahkhamun rules and advisors restore worship of old gods (1361 BC)
    Death of King Tut (see 1339 BC)
    Egyptian 18th Dynasty dies out under Tutankhamon - Harmhab rules (1350 BC)
    Death of Akhnaton (poisoned) (1350 BC)
    Start of 19th Egyptian Dynasty with Seti and Ramses (1350 BC)


  • North America: Settlement begins at San Jose Mogote in mexico (1350 BC)


  • China: War chariot introduced (1350 BC)


  • General: Umfield culture begins in central Europe (1350 BC)

Middle East

  • Assyria: Assuruballit I rules Assyria - Assyria gains power (1366 BC)
  • Mesopotamia: Suppiluliumas becomes king of Hittites and kingdom grows (1380 or 1375 BC)
    Peak of Hittite empire - Hurrians of Mesopotamia absorbed (1350 BC)