1449 - 1400 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 50 million*
  • Languages: Ugarit in North Syria- creation of 30 character alphabet script with consonants and three vowels - proto Semitic (1400 BC)
    First Phoenician alphabet created (1400 BC)
  • Religion: Moses writes the Pentateuch (1400 BC)


  • Egypt: Amenhotep III rules beginning "golden age" (1420 BC)
    Temples at Luxor under construction (1400 BC)


  • Central America: Farming develops in Honduras (1400 BC)
  • North America: Olmec culture emerges - maize farming (1400 BC)
  • South America: Earliest Andean metal work at Waywaka (1440 BC)


  • General: Iron Age in western Asia and India (1400 BC)
  • China: Shang capital moved to Anyang (1400 BC)
    Royal burials include human sacrifices (1400 BC)
  • India: Aryans push into India and confront Dravidians (1400 BC)


  • General: European plague kills off 90% of Europe leaving it fairly vacant (1400 BC)
  • Crete: Possible volcanic eruption wipes out Minoans (1400 BC)
    Walled Mycenaean citied begin (1400 BC)
    End of late Minoan Age (1400 BC)
    Knossos destroyed by fire (1400 BC)
    End of late Minoan dynasties as Crete is plundered and ravished by Mycenaeans (1400 BC)

Middle East

  • Palestine: Possible date of the fall of Jericho (1400 BC)
    First Habiru people (Hebrew) in Palestine (1400 BC)
  • Turkey: End of Ancient Anatolia - for later Anatolia see 1250 BC) (1400 BC)
    End of Ancient Lydia (1400 BC)