209 - 200 B.C.


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Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Astronomy: Halley's Comet first seen this century (200 BC)
  • Entertainment: Platus presents "Miles gloriosus" comedy (205 BC)
    Greek influence enters Roman art
  • Language: Rosetta stone inscribed with three languaged (203 or 200 BC)
  • Religion: First Dead Sea Scrolls written (200 BC)
  • Science: Cato the Elder publishes "De agricultura" (200 BC)
  • Technology: Paper first used in China, but not for writing (200 BC)
    Gears first used in water wheel for irrigation (200 BC)
  • Warfare: Battle of Metaurus - Romans defeat relief army coming to aid hannibal (207 BC)
    Hannibal retires after defeat of brother Hasdrubal (207 BC)
    Scipio defeats Carthaginians (206 BC)
    Second Punic War ends with Hannibal defeated by Scipio at Zama and Roman conquest (201 BC)
  • Deaths: Chinese emperor Shi Huang-ti (209 BC), Greek philosopher Chrysippus dies of laughter watching drunken donkey trying to eat figs (207 BC), Ptolemy IV Philopater (203 BC)
    Roman author Gnaeus Naevius (201 BC)


  • General: Earliest occupation at Jenne-jeno
  • Carthage: Hannibal defeated at Zama (202 BC)
    Carthage stripped of military independence (202 BC)
    Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage ends - Rome wins (201 BC)
  • Egypt: End of Ptolemy IV Philopater and Ptolemy V Epiphanes rules (203 BC)
  • North: Berber kingdoms emerge (200 BC)
  • Tunisia: Rome conquers (202 BC)


  • General: Zeniff leaves Zarahemla to possess he land of Lehi-Nephi (200 BC)
  • Mexico: Beginning of early classic Mayan period, Teotihuacán founded, heiroglyphs created (200 BC)
    Rise of the Zapotecs (200 BC)
  • North America: Eruption and mudflow at Mt. Ranier WA (200 BC)
  • Peru: Start of Nazca culture (200 BC)


  • China: Emperor Shi Huang-ti dies and Liu Pang becomes emperor(209 BC)
    Civil war ends in Qin (Ch'in) dynasty overthrown (209 BC)
    End of Ch'in Dynasty and start of conflict until Han Dynasty (207 or 206 BC)
    Chinese civil war ends (202 BC)
    Han Dynasty starts until 9 AD - Founded by Liu Pang (202 BC)


  • General: End of First Macedonian War with Peace of Phoenice (205 BC)
    Hannibal sacks Rome (203 BC)
    Hannibal defeated ending Second Punic War - 200,000 dead (202 BC)
    Fortified tribal centers develop in Centic Europe (200 BC)
    Celts spread to Bulgaria and Greece (200 BC)
    Second Macedonian War begins - Attica ravaged (200 BC)
  • Greece: Philip V surrenders Greece to Romans (200 BC)
  • Roman Empire: Rome adopts Greek culture (200 BC)
    Codex used (200 BC)
    Romans end conquest of Italy (200 BC)
    Romans conquer Etruria / Etruscans (200 BC)
  • Spain: Spain becomes Roman providence (202 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Phoenicia defeated (200 BC)
  • Arabia: End of Thamud people (200 BC)
    Start of Himyar people of Arabia (200 BC)
  • Persia: Antiochus III at peak of power


  • Tahiti: Polynesian settlement (200 BC)