309 - 300 B.C.


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Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Entertainment: Nike of Samothrace carved (306 BC)
    Rinthon of Tarentum founds Roman comedy (300 BC)
  • History: Manetho writes Egyptian history from Menes to Alexander (300 BC)
  • Language: Cueniform replaced by alphabetic scripts (300 BC)
  • Mathematics: Euclid produces Elements outline principles of geometry (300 BC)
  • Philosophy: Epicurus creates school (306 BC)
    Aristotle establishes lyceum (300 BC)
    Age of Stoics under Zeno (300 BC)
  • Science: Democritus conceives of atomic theory - indivisible (300 BC)
  • Technology: China develops calligraphy and paper (300 BC)
  • Warfare: Treaty between Rome and Carthage (300 BC)
  • Deaths: Antigonus I (301 BC), Greek musician Aristoxenus (300 BC)


  • Egypt: Museum and library started under Ptolemy Soter (307 BC)
    Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty established (305 BC- 304 BC)
    Selucid Dynasty founded as Ptolemy I proclaimed Pharoah (305 BC)
    Ptolemy I founds museum/library (300 BC)
    Museum founded at Alexandria with Zenodotus as head - 750,000 scrolls (300 BC)
  • North: Trade treaty between Rome and Carthage (306 BC)
    Kushite kingdom expands and trades with Sudan (300 BC)


  • North America: Beginning of later Hopewell culture in US region (300 BC)
    Anasazi Culture spreads into Utah's canyons (300 BC)
    Earliest known American text at Monte Alban (300 BC)
  • Central America: Mayan cities established at Peten, Guatamala (300 BC)
    Temple of the Sun (Atetello) created in Mexico at Teotihuacán (founding of city) (300 BC)
    Maya develop number system (300 BC)
  • South America: End of Chavin culure in Peru and beginning of Moche civilization (300 BC)


  • General: Turko-Mongo tribes become fully nomadic (300 BC)
  • India: Chandragupta defeats Selucius (305 BC)
    Seleucos cedes Indus valley to Chandragupta in exchange for 500 elephants (304 BC)
  • Japan: Yayoi civilicasion develops (300 BC)
    Japanese discover China's silk secrets (300 BC)
    Farming begins (300 BC)
  • Korea: State of Choson formed in North Korea (300 BC)


  • General: Carthaginians defeat Agathocles and besiege Syracuse (307 BC)
    Hellenic Civilization infiltrates Rome - Rome comes in contact with Greeks (300 BC)
  • Greece: Alexander's generals Antigonus and Demetrius take title of king in Greece (307 BC)
    Democracy restored in Athens (307 BC)
    Demetrius Poliorcetes king of Macedon takes Athens from Cassander (307 BC)
    Start of Antigonid Kingdom (306 BC)
    Start of wars of Hellenistic monarchs to 146 (301 BC)
    Height of Hellenistic Age (300 BC)
    Stoics become prevalent (300 BC)
  • Italian States: End of second war between Rome and Samnites with 5,000 dead (305-304 BC)
    Hellenistic Age of Rome (300 BC)
    Romans begin conquering Italy (300 BC)
    All Roman offices opened to plebians including priesthood (300 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Antigonus I killed at Battle of Kings at Ipsus against Seleucus I and allies - Kingdom of Antifonos falls after the battle - Palestine under Egyptian rule (301 BC)
  • Judaea / Palestine: Ptolemy I has full claim on Palestine - proclaimed Pharoah (301 BC)
  • Mesopotamia: Seleucus I becomes king of Babylon and founds Seleucid Dynasty (305 BC)
  • Syria: Seleucus rules Syria (301 BC)