3099 - 3000 B.C.


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Population: Perhaps 14 million*
  • Chronology: End of the copper age (3000 BC)
  • Entertainment: Ling-lun invents the first bamboo flute (3000 BC)
  • Mathematics: Sumerians develop number system (3000 BC)
  • Technology: Wheel appears in Mesopotamia (3000 BC)
    Plow used in China (3000 BC)
    Bitumen used as adhesive in Mesopotamia (3000 BC)
    Abacus invented in Babylon (3000 BC)
    Wheel invented (3000 BC)
    Indus civilization weaves cotton (3000 BC)
    Potter's wheel invented (3000 BC)
    Bricks used in Egyptian and Assyrian cultures (3000 BC)
    Papyrus invented (3000 BC)


  • Egypt: Menes unites upper and lower Egypt (3000 BC)
    Early cities (3000 BC)
    Memphis founded by narmer (3000 BC) First heiroghyphics (3000 BC)
  • North: Lake Chad dries up - Sahara becomes desert (3000 BC)


  • General: Domestication of alpacas and llamas (3000 BC)
  • North America: Maize domestication and agriculture in Mexico (3000 BC)
  • South America: Root crops, peanuts, avocadoes and peppers grown in coastal towns of Peru (3000 BC)


  • General: Ancestral Austronesians migrate from Taiwan to the Philippines (3000 BC)
  • China: Copper and Silk used (3000 BC)
    Towns and fortifications built (3000 BC)
  • Indian civilization takes root (3000 BC)
  • South-East - Neolitic age (3000 BC)


  • General: First dolphins killed in the Black Sea (3000 BC)
  • Britain: Windmill Hill culture found (3000 BC)
    Castlerigg (Cumbria) Stone circle created (3000 BC)
    Stonehenge ditch and banks built (3000 BC)
    Chambered tombs built (3000 BC)
  • Crete: Bronze Age with the Minoans, stone tombs, and trade with the Levant (3000 BC)
  • Eastern Europe: Farming on asian steppes (3000 BC)
  • Greece: Sstart of flourishing of Greek civilization (3000 BC)
  • Malta: Stone temples created (3000 BC)
  • Scotland: Neolithic village of Skara Brae built in Orkney, Scotland (3000 BC)

Middle East

  • Arabia: Start of Thamud people to 200 BC (3000 BC)
  • Babylon: Plague of Namtar (demon) strikes (3000 BC)
  • Iran: Kingdom of Elam established to 539 BC (3000 BC)
  • Palestine: Phoenicians settle east mediterranean coast (3000 BC)
  • Sumer: History of Sumer starts with development of the wheel, calendar, architecture, religion, and writing (3000 BC)
    Sumerians extend domain to Semitic people (3000 BC)
    Early cities develop (3000 BC)
    Sumerians write story of great flood and an ark (3000 BC)