359 - 350 B.C.


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Population: Between 190 and 230 million*
  • Births: Alexander the Great (356 or 355 BC), Diogenes the founder of school of cynics (350 BC)
  • Entertainment: Corinthian columns first appear in Greek architecture (350 BC)
    Greek painter Pamphilus teaches unity of art and mathematics (350 BC)
    Mahabharata epic written in India (350 BC)
  • Philosophy: Aristotle publishes (350 BC)
  • Religion: Shhaung-tse founds Chinese monist religious philosophy (350 BC)
  • Science: Heraclides - disciple of Plato - teaches heliocentric model (350 BC)
  • Technology: Tomb of Mausolus completed - first mausoleum (351 BC)
    Crossbow inbented (350 BC)
  • Deaths: Zenophon the Greek historian (354 BC)


  • Egypt: Persian invasion of Egypt fails (351 BC)
  • North: Axumite army invades Kush (350 BC)


  • Central America: Maya cities and states form in Mesoamerica (350 BC)


  • China: Start of construction of Great Wall of China against Huns (356 BC)
    Qin (Ch'in) Dynasty dominates China and is the leading city state (350 BC)
    Monist religious philosophy founded by Shaung-tse (350 BC)
  • India: Epic poem Mahabharata written (350 BC)


  • General: Gauls leave southern France and settle in northern Italy (350 BC)
  • Greece: Philip II becomes King of Macedonia (336 BC)
    Third Sacred War begins when Phocians seize Delphi and use oracle funds to raise an army - Macedonia fights Athens (355 BC)
    Queen Artemisia builds tomb for husband King mausolus at halicarnassus - one of the seven wonders (353 BC)
    Decline of Greece and rise of Macedonia (353 BC)
    Philip II rules Macedon (352 BC)
    Demosthenes delivers first Philippic against Philip II of Macedon (351 BC)
    Greek theater of Epidaurus built (350 BC)
  • Italian States: Treaty signed with Latin League granting Rome more power (358 BC)
    Etruscan power on the decline (350 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Phoenician cities Sidon, Tyre, Aradus, and Byblus seceed from Persia (350 BC)
  • Judaea: Revolt against Artaxerxes III in Persia (350 BC)
  • Persia: Artaxerxes III rules Persia to 336 BC (359 BC)
  • Turkey: Herostratus sets fire to Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (356 BC)