459 - 450 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: About 162 million*
  • Entertainment: Aeschylus writes "Oresteia" and "Agamemnon" (458 BC)
    Mimes introduced into theater by Sophron of Syracuse (450 BC)
  • Philosophy: Pericles introduces dualistic scheme of the universe (457 BC)
  • Science: Reindeer domesticated (450 BC)
  • Deaths: Athenian statesman Themistocles (459 BC), Greek dramatist Aeschylus dies when eagle drops turtle on his head (456 BC), Greek poet Bacchylides (450 BC), Greek politician Alcibiades (450 BC)


  • Egypt: Greeks in Egypt defeated by Megabyzus of Syria (454 BC)
    Historian Herodotus visits Egypt (450 BC)
  • West: Carthages starts new trading centers along West African coasts (Carthage named for him?) (450 BC)


  • General: Three Roman senators go to Athens to study laws of Solon (451 BC)
  • Greece: War between Athens and Corinth (458 BC)
    First Peloponnesian War begins between Athens and Sparta (459 or 457 BC)
    Start of Greek Golden Age (457 BC)
    Long walls from Athens to Piraeus finished (454 BC)
    End of banishment of Cimon (454 BC)
    Achaea joins Athenian alliance(454 BC)
    End of Athens-Sparta wars (451 BC)
    Aspasia the mistress of Pericles rules Athenian society (450 BC)
    Temple of Theseus built at Athens (450 BC)
  • Italian States: Roman farmer Cincinnatus resigns as dictator after defending city from invaders (458 BC)
    Plague leaves Rome desolate (453 BC)
    Roman laws codified into 12 tables (450 BC)
    Tarentum - Greek trading city in Italy subdued by Rome (450 BC)
  • Scotland: Celts first settle in Scotland (450 BC)
    Start of La Tene phase of Celtic ironworks (450 BC)

Middle East

  • Judaea: Ezra goes to Jerusalem to restore Law of Moses (458 BC)