609 - 600 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 100 million*
  • Births: Lao-Tse born (604 BC)
  • Cartography: Anaximander of Miletus draws first map of known world (600 BC)
  • Entertainment: Thales of Miletus writes (600 BC)
  • Mathematics: Chinese texts show proof of Pythagorean theorem (600 BC)
  • Philosophy: Pre-Socratic philosophers begin (600 BC)
  • Religion: Current Book of Job written (600 BC)
    Hebrew Bible edited and compiled (600 BC)
  • Technology: Windmills grind corn (600 BC)
    Chinese start using abacus - see 3000 BC (600 BC)
  • Warfare: Nebuchadnezzar II defeats Necho and Egyptians at Carchemesh in Syria - Babylonian-Egyptian War with 5000 desd (605 BC)
  • Deaths: King Josiah of Judah (608 BC), Milo of Croton (see Greece) (600 BC)


  • General: Egyptians begin circumnavigation of Africa (609 BC)
    Possible first circumnavigation of Africa (600 BC)
    Carthaginians explore North Africa by sea (600 BC)
  • Egypt: End of Egypt's 26th Dynasty (609 BC)
  • Nigeria: Nok people of Nigeria begin to mine iron (600 BC)
  • West: Ironwork technology seen (600 BC)


  • North America: Mayan temples created at Tikal, Mexico (600 BC)
    Early writing at San Jose Mogote in Oaxaca Mexico (600 BC)
    Oaxaca culture grows stronger than Olmecs in Mexico (600 BC)


  • China: Ironwork technology seen (600 BC)
  • India: Upanishads written (600 BC)


  • Britain: Iron replaces Bronze in Britain (600 BC)
  • Eastern Europe: Start of Colchis kingdom near Black Sea to 100 BC (600 BC)
    Kingdom of Egrisi (Lazica) in Georgia region to 600 AD (600 BC)
  • Greece: Rise of Greece - Coinage adopted (600 BC)
    Greek wrestler Milo of Croton tries to rend a tree with his hands, but wedges fell, trappin his hands and he was eaten by wolves (600 BC)

Middle East

  • General: Judah comes under Babylonian rule (605 BC)
    End of Neo-Assyrian Period and start of Neo-Babylonian Period (605 BC)
  • Assyria: End of Imperial Assyria (609 or 600 BC)
  • Babylon: Reign of Nebuchadnezzar II begins (605 - 604 BC)
  • Judaea: Josiah the King of Judah dies at Battle of Megiddo by Egyptians under Necho (608 BC)
    Judah under Egyptian rule with 5000 dead (609 BC)
    Family of Lehi leave Jerusalem (600 BC)
  • Persia: Zoroastrianism becomes main religion this period
  • Turkey: Cappadocia (known as hatti) home of Hittites extablished by this time (600 BC)