809 - 800 B.C.


Family information unknown



Population: Perhaps 100 million*
  • Commerce: Trade begins between Greece and Egypt (801 BC)
  • Entertainment: Traditional date of the Iliad and The Odyssey (800 BC)
    Hindu Upanishads begin to be composed (800 BC)
  • Money: Use of coins becomes common (800 BC)
  • Religion: Approximae beginning of Jainism (800 BC)
    Hebrew oral writings collected into the Bible (800 BC)


  • East: Start of the Kingdom of Meroe in Sudan - south of Egypt (800 BC)
    Cereal production in Ethiopia increases (800 BC)
  • Egypt: Start of the 32rd Dynasty (800 BC)


  • North: Olmec carvings show early reverence of the jaguar (800 BC)
    Zapotec heiroglyphics begin in Mesoamerica (800 BC)
  • South: Lake Titicaca architectural styles begin (800 BC)


  • China: Town building increases (800 BC)
  • India: Aryans expand unto southern India (800 BC)
    Development of the caste system (800 BC)


  • Greece: Foundation of Corinth (800BC)
    Sparta conquers Laconia (800 BC)
    End of the Dark Ages (Dorian period) of Greeks as law codes emerge after alphabet of 20 symbols is developed (800 BC)
    Foundation of Macedon to 146 BC (800 BC)
  • Italian States: Early Etruscan civilization - Romans, Greeks, and Etruscans enter Italy (800 BC)

Middle East

  • Arabia: Start of the Hadhramaut people to 300 AD (800 BC)
    Presence of the Qedar people in Arabia (800 BC)
  • Assyria: End of the reign of Queen (regent) Samurmat (Sammruamat) (801 BC)
    Start of the Imperial Assyrian period (800 BC)
  • Israel: King Joash rules (801 BC)
  • Mesopotamia: Urartu (Ur) rules North Mesopotamia to 595 BC (800 BC)
  • Palestine: End of the golden age of Phoenicians (800 BC)