1 - 0.1 MYA


Family information unknown



Population: Unknown - only early humans
  • Astronomy: Geminga supernova explodes at 60pc - as bright as the moon (0.3 MYA)
  • Climate: End of Sherwin Glaciation (0.82 MYA)
    Start of Günz/Nebraskan glacial period (0.68 MYA)
    End of Günz/Nebraskan glacial period (0.62 MYA)Start of Mindel/Kansan glacial period (0.45 MYA)
    End of Mindel/Kansan glacial period (0.3 MYA)
    Start of Riss / Illinoian glacial period (0.2 MYA)
    End of Riss/Illinoian glacial period (0.13 MYA)
    Riss/Qürm interglacial period (0.12 MYA)
    Hardwood forests exist above the Arctic Circle (0.12 MYA)
    Melting ice sheets raise sea levels by 20 feet (0.12 MYA)
    Start of Qürom/Wisconsin glacial period (0.11 MYA)
  • Entertainment: Human ancestors create tools, make art, and use resources (0.24 MYA)
    Earliest known ornaments made by Neanderthals in Hungary (0.1 MYA)
  • Humans: Neanderthal and human lineages start to diverge (0.7 MYA)
    Evidence of speech development in Homo heidelbergensis
    Full ecological separation of humans and Neanderthals (0.37 MYA)
    Appearance of Homo sapiens neanderthalis (0.3 MYA)
    Appearance of ancestral Homo sapiens (0.25 MYA)
    Neanderthals inhabit Europe (0.23 MYA)
    Homo erectus still exists (0.2 MYA)
    Mitochondrial Eve and the rise of Homo sapiens (0.16 MYA)
    Neanderthal appear (0.12 MYA)
    Stone-age humans forage for seeds (0.1 MYA)
  • Technology: Hearths found in France from Homo erectus (0.75 MYA)
    Homo erectus cooks meat, hunts with wooden spears, and uses stone tools
    Hominids use controlled fires (0.3 MYA)


  • North America: Long Valley CA Caldera explodes (0.76 MYA)
    Yellowstone caldera explosion (0.64 MYA)


  • Japan: Supposed dawn of Japanese civilization (0.6 MYA)


  • New Zealand: Largest recorded eruption - Taupo volcano