PEACH stands for Personal Exploration And Comprehensive History. This site is a comprehensive history site, but not in the traditional sense. It is also a personal genealogy site, but again, not a typical one. Instead, it uses the concept of overlapping and interconnected histories.

As history is normally taught, local, state, national and international histories are separated. Personal histories are more distant still. I believe this to be a disservice and presents the false idea of disconnectedness. This site is my personal exploration into the connectedness of all things in the world.

I have arranged the bulk of my work by year. While this seems to be a return to the oldest way history is taught, it overlaps events from around the world and in all fields that interest me. Not only that, I can see the ages of my ancestors as history unfolds. Shocking to realize what was happening when one's grandmother was twenty.

When done, this site is meant to contain historical data as far back as is available. Some is monumental, while some may be trivial. Information is being collected that spans not only history, but pre-history as well. Dates are taken from a WIDE variety of sources, and there are many conflicts. All information is included and no effort is made to promote an agenda.

Because I am a Latter-day Saint, and the history of my religion is of interest to me, this history is separated from the rest of history. The same is true of U.S. history.

This site is not finished, nor probably will it ever be complete. One lifetime is too short to get a firm idea of exactly how things came to be this way, but it's a start. This is riddled with errors too, especially typos. Feel free to send me lists of corrections. The information contained inside is free to use.

Best wishes,
Debra Lowe


Further details are contained on the main pages of each section. If you are new to this site, I recommend starting with the history section. Delve into the past, and enjoy.