Royal Washington Kendall

What is known:

Royal Washington Kendall was born to Lena Jensen in or about 1883. The father is not known currently. It is not known where Royal was born, but possibilities include Denmark, en route to America in Germany or England, possibly Nebraska, or Utah, especially Salt Lake City or Nephi. What is known is that Lena's parents were living in Nephi, Utah at the time, and Royal's adoptive parents Samuel and Alice Annie Blackburn Kendall were also living there. They were in the same section of town, and would likely have known each other.

Evidence for this relationship include some family stories, and a few scant documents. One family story includes when Lena's relative died, a small inheritance was left to Lena's children. Royal (who went by Roy at the time) came to Utah to find out if the inheritance also applied to him. My mother, a young child at the time, remembered this encounter. She commented how similar he looked from behind to her own father, Royal's half brother.

Lena's daughter Cora was in communication with Royal from time to time. She is listed as his sister in his obituary.

Finally, Royal is listed as an adopted son on a census record for the Kendall family.