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Population: 301 Million*
  • Architecture: Gothic architecture peaks to 1500s
  • Beginnings of secular music school in polyphonic style
  • Entertainment: Indian love poem "Gitagocinda" written
    Indian allegorical play written
    "Chanson de Roland" (Song of Roland) the French heroic poem written
    "Play of the Wise and Silly Virgins"
  • Science: Start of decline of Islamic science
    Chinese publish illustrated texts in Botany
  • Technology: Chinese invent magnifying glass
    Gunpowder used to build rockets
    Chinese start work on mulit-colored printing
  • Trade: Start of Hanseatic League - artesian and craftsmen's guilds developin European towns
  • Deaths: William II Rufus of England by an arrow - suspected not an accident, Godfrey of Jerusalem the crusader


  • Central: Probable founding of Katanga in Zaire
  • North: Raymond of Toulouse named Count of Tripoli
  • South: Shona people construct stone walls in Great Zimbabwe
  • West: Decline of Ghana empire


  • North America: Pueblos build circular rooms - start of third Pueblo period
    The Numic peoples (Utes, Goshutes, Piutes) move into Utah
    Anasazi build cliff dwellings - high culture
    Hohokam people build religious platforms in AZ
  • South America: Height of Chimu civilization at Chan Chan, Peru
    Sinchi Roca civilization in Peru
    End of the Toltecs by barbarian Chichimeca invasions
    Rise of Incas


  • Burma: Start of second era of Mon kingdom in Burma
  • Cambodia: Kmner kingdom built
  • China: Chinese invent magnifying glass, rockets, and multi-colored printing


  • General: Munich and Stettin mentioned in records
    Hanseatic League (guild) forms and starts to dominate trade
    Sheep become important as European wool trade expands
    Universities open in Christian Europe (Similar to Muslim ones in 970s)
    Men returning from First Crusade bring back spices and cooking techniques from middle east
    Concept of regular bathing introduced to Europe
  • England: Death of William II Rufus of England killed accidentally by Sir Walter Tyrel in the New Forest – succeeded by brother Henry I
    Ile-de-France becomes prevailing dialect - Old English gives way to Middle English
    Robert I (brother) returns from crusades - Duke of Normandy
    Creation of new class of knights and chivalry
    Henry I becomes king, issues charter of liberties, promising good government, Marries Edith, dau Malcolm III of Scotland
  • France: Start of Norman Civil War to 1106
  • Italian States: Baptistery created in Florence
    Bologna University founded in Italy
  • Russia: End of independence of Kievan Rus kingdom this century
  • Switzerland: Castle Chillon in Switzerland

Middle East

  • General: Start of decline of Islamic science
  • Lebanon: Bohemund of Otranto named Prince of Antioch
  • Palestine: Godfrey of Jerusalem dies, brother Baldwin rules
    Baldwin of Bouillon Count of Edessa becomes Baldwin I King of Jerusalem


  • General: Earliest Polynesian settlements on Pitcairn islands - Probable colonization of Polynesia from S. America
  • Easter Island: First statues erected on Easter Island
  • Hawaii: Beginning of Hawaiian societies