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Population: 224 Million*
  • Entertainment: Book of Kells – illuminated manuscript – kept in Ireland
    "Hildebrandsleid" written as old German poem
    Earliest Persian poetry and literature
    Development of miniscule handwriting in West HRE
    Japanese "Sitting Buddha" created
    Musical poems sung in Charlemagne's court
  • Religion: Pope Leo III separates from E Empire and becomes supreme bishop of the west
    Charlemagne reforms church


  • East: Christian empire in Ethiopia continues after Aksum declines
    Arabs and Persians explore E African coast and set up trading stations at Mombasa, Malindi, Kilwa and Mogadishu
  • Ghana: Start of Kingdom of Ghana (this century)
  • North: Aghlabid dynasty roles in Tunis
    Smallpox outbreak in Lake Chad AFR


  • Americas: Hohokam peoples in Americas expand settlements
  • Mexico: End of collapse of Teotihuacan civilization in Mexico
  • South America: Machu Picchu established in Peru


  • Burma: Start of Mon kingdoms in Burma
  • India: Rajputs occupy N India area of Kana Uj
    Worst hailstorm kills between 200 and 600 in India sometime this century
  • Korea: Korean civilization flourishes
  • Tibet: Tibet formed as kingdom by this time


  • General: First castles built in Europe
    Invasion of Bohemia by Franks
    Northmen invade Germany
    Northmen discover Faroe Islands
    Palmyra region starts to be abandoned
  • Eastern Europe: Slav tribes migrate to areas around the Oder, the Havel, and Spree rivers and Ore mountains
    Start of Medieval Croatian State
  • German States: Vikings invade Germany
  • Holy Roman Empire: Pope Leo III crowns Charlemagne (Charles) of Franks emperor in Rome – over Irene and Byzantines
    Franks develop feudal system
  • Iceland: Irish travelers reach Iceland

Middle East

  • Babylon: Harun al-Rashid sends embassy to court of Charlemagne